Cash On Delivery

Shop for Our Sex Toys at the Best Price with Cash on Delivery

Shopping can be more fun if you can avail some easy and pocket-friendly payment modes. Today, online shopping stores have introduced the Cash on Delivery mode that will let customers make payments only after receiving the product. We here at My Sex Toy deal in a wide variety of erotic toys, accessories and relevant products and sell them to different cities in India, namely Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Pune, Kolkata and more. Accordingly, we help all our customers, living in those cities, to make easy payments not only through cards but also Cash on Delivery (COD).

If we start with Mumbai, we know that it is India’s biggest city with a population of around 18 million. Out of these, there are people who are happy with no complications in their sex life. However, there is also a huge percentage of people who are not happy and rather stressed out for various reasons.So keeping in mind the needs and requirements of both these categories, we have brought a splendid range of sex toys at super competitive prices. Besides, we have kept the option of Cash on Delivery open for all living here. No matter where you are living in Mumbai, you can always shop for our products with ease.

People living in Delhi can also avail the Cash on Delivery mode. One needs to provide the address where exactly the product needs to be delivered and we will get it done without any delay. If you wish, you can always give us a pick-up location address and we will dispatch your product right there.

Chennai too is a big city where we take orders and can deliver the product at any location mentioned by the customer. No matter in which part of Chennai you are residing, COD is open for you with regard to any product you wish to buy.

Pune is a happening city and the second largest one in the state of Maharashtra. We have even arranged Cash on Delivery for people living here. Be it any product or any area, we will deliver anything to anywhere within the city.

Kolkata, the City of Joy, is indeed one of India’s happening and busiest cities where we have our online sex toy store. Once you buy a product from our store, you can opt for Cash on Delivery and your product will be delivered by our representative. No matter how big a city it is, we can deliver your order to any address you wish.

Apart from these, there are other cities where we sell our products comprising sex toys, accessories, and other products. From the date of order, you will receive your products within 3 working days.

How to Choose Cash on Delivery?

While shopping for your preferred product from our online store, you need to browse the category of sex toys you want. Once you have chosen the product under your preferred category, you can proceed towards choosing Cash on Delivery. After clicking on the COD option, we will make the proceedings towards shipping your product at your address. Once you get the product from our delivery man, you can then pay the cash.

COD is applicable for big orders also. We accept COD for up to orders of Rs 40,000. The product which we will deliver to you will be packed in a standard box and no one will come to know about the content packed inside. For any other query or information, you can always contact our customer care representatives who will guide you completely. If you wish, you can also avail the online chat support and get in touch with us.