Breast Trigger Double Enlargement Pump BEM-001


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  • Breast Trigger Double Enlargement Pump

    Breast Pump Enlarge With Twin Cups, Twin Flanged Cups For Superior Suction

    New Design Fot Breast Enlargement

    Let Your Breast Balance

    Electric Air Pump Machine

    Sold As Adult Novelty Only

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    Add Time:2011.10.06


    Size: 118mm

    Length: 110mm


    This breast enlargement pump uses the ultrahigh frequency negative pressure pulse breast improvementtechnology (this technology has been used for the medical community for broken organs growth, together withnew body growth once surgical resection).

    The fat cells within the breast can chop-chop be dividing and growth once the 7200/second high-frequency periodic wave.

    At constant time attributable to the role of negative pressure, in order that the expansion of breast fat cells can fill the gap caused thanks to the negative pressure in order that the breasts upright. And it will facilitate the suppression and hindrance of carcinoma.

    Let your breasts along to create your breasts larger tilt. Breast enlargement Breast Breast may be a new thoughtin keeping with the principle of feminine physiology, the utilization of vacuum physiatrics ways for increasing the chest muscles, promote blood circulation and direct reflex movement to stimulate the hypophysis to balance the ovaries to supply steroidto create direct breast cavernous swollen therefore flat, little breasts become full upright within the short term . Is medically recognized because the only and safe physical reflection principle Breast. mamilla breast center , however additionally the whole breast blood circulation control center, however is peripheral nerve center of the whole breast, the merchandise through a spread of stimuli, head of the mamilla manufacture the result, from the within to stimulate your nipples, stimulate a series reaction, let him stimulate your body each cell . in order that the breast receives comprehensive physical massage, still penetrate the liquid body substancein order that the breast sponge will increase blood flow to accelerate, transported to the tissue between the breast regeneration perform is activated therefore on bring home the bacon lasting full upright result. Meanwhile, stir your passions, and deeply affected by your feelings, meet your sex.
    Dimensions ar shown below. AN installation.
    Medical compound non-toxic materials
    1, before wiping cup.
    2 , by the way, areola perimeter, began to rotate once a pair of minutes mistreatment breast massage device.
    3, the breast is solid breasts.
    4 , alter the vacuum device to create breasts swollen feeling.
    5 , everyday use.
    This product is for private use, listen to clean up before and once use and effective space clean; mistreatment the proper quantity of material, the better; suggested with preventative use; had a heart condition, high pressure, native skin injury, caution; minors declined to use this product.


    Medical Polymer non-toxic materials, ABS PVC TPR.

    How To Use

    1. Properly install the battery (this product using three batteries).

    2. Scrubbed and disinfected this product with 75% of medical alcohol before use, and apply some lubricants. 

    3. Start switch

    4. Turn off the switch.


    This product is for personal use, pay attention to the cleaning and effective parts clean before and after use; using the right amount of lubricant, the better; caution use for people who have heart disease, high blood pressure or skin partial injury; minors declined to use this product.

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