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sex toys in Mumbai

Why Sex Toys in Mumbai are Famous among Adults

There is nothing new to brag about the popularity of the online sex toys in Mumbai. As the scenario says, the demand has triggered like anything in the last few years. Different people have felt the need to use toys. It has not always been for entertainment. Some have even said these adult toys have worked as stress relievers.

As per the current situation, the concept of soothing oneself like masturbating or a solo play has changed. People are looking for new experiments, new ideas, and new desires in themselves and in their partners. Hence, the popularity of adult toys in Mumbai is soaring, and believe it or not, this is the beginning. 

About Mumbai

The capital city of Maharashtra, Mumbai, has so much to talk. Be it the bustling crowd, the beach locations, the tall commercial buildings, or the variety of food, Mumbai keeps everyone contented with what it has. 

Today, Mumbai has a population of around 22 million, as it is the biggest metro city in India. The curiosity towards exploring Mumbai will never take a pause, no matter how time speeds up. 

Where to Buy Sex Toys in Mumbai?

People new to Mumbai or those who have never bought sex toys in Mumbai might come up with this question. Well, even if anyone is willing to switch from his old store to a new one, Mysextoy, our online sex toys store in Mumbai, will get you all fresh and hot. 

We are only online and trust us, we are going to get you everything you want to keep your sex life going. So, whatever you need, whatever you want to play with, Mysextoy is always there to listen. 

Trending Sex Toys in Mumbai

Mumbai is a big city, so a question that comes to mind is how to judge which toys are doing good here. You don’t need to sit with surveys and charts because we have done this job for you. 

We bring here all the trending sex toys and adult products in Mumbai that will make you convenient to shop: 

Best Sex Toys For Men In Mumbai

Mysextoy is here to keep the men hooked to their beds. So, we have unlocked so many toys and accessories for them to fuel up their libido. The demand for men's sex toys in Mumbai was, is and will never be less. So, here we bring for you some of those male sex toys that are ruling the charts: 

Penis Extender Sleeve 

If you think your penis needs an upgrade, stop there before you invest any further. The penis extender sleeve is the perfect solution and a cost-effective one as well. Our online store has a grand collection of penis sleeves. 

Male Stroker or Fleshlight Masturbator
Fleshlight Masturbator for men in Mumbai

Stroking for men is not extraordinary but doing so with a male stroker is exceptional. Mysextoy is happy to bring an upgraded range of Fleshlight Masturbators for men who desire to stroke fresh and hard. 

Spider Sower Masturbator 

The spider sower masturbator is special and adds an enriching experience to one’s solo session. Their realistic vaginal opening lets men have fun like never before. 

Cock Ring 

A ring around the penis; isn’t it interesting? The cock ring is a fabulous male sex accessory that helps a quicker erection. It is incredible for men who keep worrying about their erection abilities. Men of all ages can wear this ring and have unmatched fun in bed. 

Online Sex Toys For Women In Mumbai

Women and pleasure go hand in hand. Our online sex toys store in Mumbai knows how to keep a girl contented in bed with a fantastic range of adult toys and accessories for women. Women have plenty of products to choose and play with. But when it comes to shopping, the best one has to be picked. So, here are some of those female sex toys and adult products in Mumbai that are trending: 

Realistic Vibrator 
Realistic Vibrator for women in Mumbai

There is nothing like real things. So, when there is a girl alone on the bed, a realistic vibrator would be the best companion. It has some wonderful features and leaves girls gasping in bed after a wild solo. 

G-spot Vibrator 

Finding the G-spot is no more a mystery. The discoverer is here! It’s the G-spot vibrator that will now let women look for their secret spot in style. Being an advanced vibrator, this is a superb female erotic gadget. 

Sex Machine 

When it comes to eroticism, nothing beats a sex machine among the female sex toys in Mumbai. With advanced mechanisms, these sex machines are perfect for wild strokes. Trying a sex machine is a good idea for horny women. 

Rabbit Vibrator 

The best answer to clitoral stimulation is here, and it’s none other than a rabbit vibrator that does justice. The shaft that it comes with stimulates the clitoris strongly. Mysextoy owns a good range of rabbit vibrators at the best price. 

Sex Toys For Couples In Mumbai

Monotony should not creep in anymore between partners. Mysextoy is aware of it and brings dozes of entertainment through its couple sex toys. Let your partners cross the limits of naughtiness this time. Have a look at some of the trending  sex toys for couples in Mumbai


Among the couple sex toys in Mumbai, a strap-on is in high demand. These unisex adult products are making couples enjoy themselves to the core. Strap-on comes in a great variety at our store and is worth buying for all partners. 

Anal Dildo 

Anal sex is out of the world. So, if there is an anal dildo, the experience is going to be a special one. These dildos are made of skin-friendly materials and make their way safely to the anus. Our range of anal dildos is huge and apt for couples who want to try anal sex for the first time. 

Leather Whip 

Mysextoy has got exclusive bondage sex products of superior quality. One of them is the leather whip. Premium in quality and fun to play with, the leather whip is an excellent pick among sex toys for couples. So, if you are looking for some madness, the leather whip is high-scoring among the BDSM sex toy products in Mumbai. 

App Control Vibrator 

Times have changed and partners are now splitting for work. So, the need to connect from miles is getting prominent. The app-control vibrator has been so popular in long-distance lovemaking. There is no doubt that these vibrators for couples are fun to use and going higher in demand. 

Our Delivery Process

Wherever you are in Mumbai, we will deliver orders in 2 to 3 working days. But one need to provide the accurate address where the products will be couriered in time. We always hand over the order to the customer at his/her specified address. 

cash on delivery for sex toys in Mumbai

Our Payments are Safe and Flexible

Mysextoy is always safe and flexible. Our online sex toys store in Mumbai has the most transparent payment modes. We make people shop with - Cash on Delivery, Debit/Credit card, Gpay, and Phonepe.

Well, don’t you now think Mysextoy can be the next best thing that can happen to you? Forget all your worries and get ready to fetch the best sex toys in Mumbai. We are always there to talk, listen, explain, and assist. We are sure to leave you with a great shopping experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I buy sex toys from Mysextoy?

Mysextoy is one of India’s reputed online sex toy stores that has been serving people across India for years. We keep no questions about professionalism, quality, or variety. Our payment modes are easy to avail and we sustain confidentiality in giving timely delivery in quick time.

Is the collection of sex toys in Mumbai at Mysextoy for everyone?

Yes, Mysextoy has a versatile range of adult toys and accessories for men, women, and couples. We even have herbal products and sensual supplements. All are safe for the skin and private organs as well.

Can I make a call to Mysextoy for any query?

Mysextoy answers all your queries and gets all solutions through calls, emails, and WhatsApp as well. We have a big customer care support team who is always there to help and assist.

What types of adult toys are available at Mysextoy?

Mysextoy keeps an advanced range of sex toys and accessories for all sorts of people. Whether it is men, women, or couples, we have a satisfying variety to cater to everyone’s needs.

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