Maxman Coffee Enhancer for Men HSP-008
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Maxman Coffee Enhancer for Men HSP-008

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Greatly increase sexual ability, strong and long time penis erection, extend erection time expert.

This product has been made of national animal and plant medical materials based on the traditnal Chinese medicinal food theory, and using supercritical monomer extraction technology monomer and nano-technology to extract corpus cavernosum cell excitation enzyme.  Research data shows that the fundamental reason of causing make sexual dysfunction is the decline in penis corpus cavernosum cells.  This product contains yak whip and sea horse and other medicinal materials which contains rich protein and amino acid and trace elements that human body needs.  Especiallyt YPP factor contained in the yak whip has strong effect on kidney, can markedly improve various kinds of gatigue, nourish kidney and supplement energy, produce sperm and establish Yan function, strengthen health and physiological function.

This aphrodisiac coffee not only has the advantage of making long time sexual intercourse, but also can markedly make the sexual time advance 30 minutes.  Aphrodisiac coffee is the newly technology product.  It can accelerate make sexual function, extend the erection time!  It is very convenient to take it.  You can enjoy coffee while unconsciously bringing you unexpedcted sexual enjoyment.  This product is no any side effects.  The use method of it is the same as the common coffee, just opening the bag with the boiling water to drink it.

Main Ingredients:
Ginsenosides, cistanche, lycium, acanthopanax, astragalus, licorice, cinnamon, dioscorea opposita, sea horse, snow pilose antler, yak whip, etc.

This product can help man nourish kidney and supplement energy, producesperm and establish, Yang function, improve sub-health.

One sachet before making sexual intercourse, add hot water 150 ml in it.

Is is forbidden for the make under age to take this product.  The product is only available for the legal couple family use.  It is forbidden to use it for the immoral activity.

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